The Institute for Fiduciary Education (IFE) is a multifaceted information services company who programs include seminars for global institutional investors, industry research and multimedia educational sevices to individuals as well as institutional investors. IFE dedicates the highest standards of excellence to meeting the educational and informational needs of the financial services community.

Seminar Programs
IFE provides high-level executive forms for the world's largest corporate and public pension funds, foundations, and endowments. For more than 18 years executives from around the world have attended IFE's educational seminars.

Programs feature formal presentations on key investment issues of the day presented by sponsoring firms and selected guest speakers. Research papers. authored by sponsoring firms, serve as a framework for seminar discussion. Plan sponsors through out the pension community also receive notice when these papers are published on the web. IFE is soley responsible for every aspect of its programs, no marketing is allowed, either formally or informally. to ensure objectivity.
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